The Main Street Rag, Spring 2010

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What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


Interview with Leslie McGrath, winner of the 2009 MSR Poetry Book Award by M. Scott Douglass


Robert Earle, Lisa Lynn Biggar, Phillip Sterling, Jay Alvarez


Cynthia Atkins, Barbara Cranford, Elizabeth H. Barbato, Andrea Bates, Norvin Dickerson, Rachel Berry, Brad Buchanan, Anthony Butts, Michael Carrino, Jessie Carty, Phebe Davidson, Diana Festa, Glenn Freeman, Alan Gann, Elizabeth Gargano, Jacqueline Jules, Elton Glaser, Louis McKee, James Grabill, Carol Hamilton, Coleen T. Houlihan, Kelly Jones, Sandra Kohler, Don Ryan Jennifer Juneau, Jim Koger, Gary Lechliter, Vicki Mandell-King, Dan Maneikis, Anne Maren-Hogan, Yvonne Pearson, Christina M. Rau, Rober S. King, Walter Rentschler, Byron James Ryan, David Scheler, Kristie L. Williams, Philip St. Clair, Susan Terris, Robert Tremmel.

Books Reviewed:

Shadow Box by Fred Chappell, Awesome 2: Awesomer, a cartoon anthology, Snapshots of Life by Casey Quinn, How to Live on Bread and Music by Jennifer K. Sweeney, Do-Over by Robin Hemley, Checking Out by Tim Peeler, Farang by Peter Blair.

Reviewed by:

Jessie Carty, Heather Collings Renfroe, Julie Townsend, Eric A. Weil, Chris Wiewiora, Sydney Zuerlein.


Cover Art: Holly Spruck
Title Page: Charles Rammelkamp
Images: Jill Rausch, M. Scott Douglass

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