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The Main Street Rag, Winter 2000


“Down on Main Street” Feature: Dana Gioia Interviewed by Kevin Bezner Fictionby Tom Perkins and Ron Bousquet. Reviews by Kevin Bezner, Jen Hirt, and M. Scott Douglass of the following work: The Dangerous Husband by Jane Shapiro, The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean, The Dark Indigo Current by Thomas R. Smith, Boss Cupid by Thom […]

The Main Street Rag, Winter 2003/2004


Features: Matt Morris: Nearing Narcoma An interview with the 2003 MSR Poetry Book Award Winner by M. Scott Douglass Prick Farming: An Illustrated Mycology Report by Shirley U. Jest Fiction by Nils Reid and Mary Ann Ruhl Thomas. Reviews by Okla Elliott; Frank S. Palmisano, III; Rich Ristow; Sherri Smith: Aspects of the Novel: a […]

The Main Street Rag, Fall 1998


Poetry: Joy Acey, Christy Alexander Baker, Sean Brendan-Brown, Joyce M. Bruckner, Carole Burke-Swanson, Joanne Clark, Nicole Costelloe, Debbie Drayer, Colin Esler, Livio Farallo, John Grey, Annie Hawkins, A.A. Jillani, Carole Johnston, Joan Payne Kincaid, Barbara Kidd Lawing, Suzanne Baldwin Leitner, Sean Aden Lovelace, Constance McConnell, Joseph McGreevy, John Metz, Terry Nolan, Ione (Tootsie) O’Hara, Kenneth […]

The Main Street Rag, First Anniversary Special 1997


Poetry: Lavonne J. Adams, Denise Ahern, Clara Alexander, William Archila, Loraine Bonner, W. K. Buckley, Alan Catlin, Gary Esarey, Livio Farallo, Joseph Farley, Dorothy K. Fletcher, Keith Flynn, John Grey, Albert Huffstickler, Pat Huyett, Gerald Kaminski, Mickie Kennedy, Arthur Winfield Knight, Michelle Lail, Suzanne Baldwin Leitner, Linda Lerner, Lyn Lifshin, B. Z. Niditch, Carolyn Noell, […]

The Main Street Rag, Winter 2017


Featured Interview: INSIDE JOB: The Inner Workings of Main Street Rag, an Interview with the Publisher (M. Scott Douglass) by Doug South Creative Nonfiction by Laura Bernstein-Machlay Fiction by Nathan V. Baker, Paula Martina, Joel Westerhoff, Howard Winn Poetry by Sam Barbee, Aimee Cervenka, Paula Concetta Brancato, Kenneth Chamlee, Lkyn Clague, Holly Day, Ann Curran, […]

A Rock Skipping Out To The World


Selected prose and poetry of Laura S. Moore 100 pages, $14 cover price ISBN: 1-59948-469-2 Released: March, 2014 Edited by Anthony S. Abbott and Lisa Zerkle (From the “Prologue” by Anthony S. Abbott) “The very last words of John Irving’s beautiful novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany, are a prayer of the narrator, John Wheelwright, […]

The Main Street Rag, Winter 2006/2007


Feature: Kathy Stripling Byer An Interview with the North Carolina Poet Laureate by Suzanne Baldwin Leitner Fiction The Limbs on Club by Stephen Morsk The Communist Manifesto by Orlando W. Martinez The Hanging Woods by Scott Loring Sanders Breaking the Silence by Katya Uroff Reviews Anne Barnhill, David Chorlton, Janyce Stefan-Cole, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., […]

The Main Street Rag, Spring 2007


Featured Jennifer K. Sweeney, Winner of the 2006 MSR Poetry Book Award Interviewed by Suzanne Baldwin Leitner Fiction The Yoga Master by Patrick Tucker Stairs Take Longer by Taylor Collier Family Reunion by Caitlin Prentice Poetry by Jennifer Sweeney, Barry Ballard, Thomas Robert Barnes, Peter Bates, Rachel Squires Bloom, Dale Cottingham, Chris Crittenden, Dion N. […]