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The Main Street Rag, Winter 2017


…obert Lee Kendrick, J.T. Ledbetter, George Longenecker, Catherine McGuire, Suzanne Crain Miller, Jordan Makant, Mark J. Mitchel, Bern Mulvey, Jared Pearce, Tim Robbins, Ellin Sarot, Danny Earl Simmons, Bradley R. Strahan, Susan Shaw Sailer, Ellen Doré Watson Books Reviewed Night Ringing by Laura Foley, River House by Sally Keith, Going Dark: Selected Stories by Dennis […]

A Rock Skipping Out To The World


…surely all of us—family, friends, colleagues—ask God to give us back Laura Suzanne Moore. That she should have been taken from us so quickly, so unexpectedly, so tragically just as she was entering the fullness of her being, the fullness of her talent seems so terribly unjust that we cannot fathom it. Our own lives […]

The Main Street Rag, First Anniversary Special 1997


…t, Gerald Kaminski, Mickie Kennedy, Arthur Winfield Knight, Michelle Lail, Suzanne Baldwin Leitner, Linda Lerner, Lyn Lifshin, B. Z. Niditch, Carolyn Noell, Steve Phillips, Tom Pompey, James Proffitt, Jonathan K. Rice, Mark Anthony Rossi, Alicia Vogl Sáenz, Sharon Scholl, Joseph Semenovich, William Sheldon, Cindy Sites, J. D. Smith, Marc Swan, Michael Sweeney, Ryan G. Van […]

The Main Street Rag, Fall 1998


…s, A.A. Jillani, Carole Johnston, Joan Payne Kincaid, Barbara Kidd Lawing, Suzanne Baldwin Leitner, Sean Aden Lovelace, Constance McConnell, Joseph McGreevy, John Metz, Terry Nolan, Ione (Tootsie) O’Hara, Kenneth Pobo, David E. Poston, James Proffitt, Kara Provost, Barbara A. Rouillard, Joseph Semenovich, Douglas Spangle, Joseph Shields, Joanne Sullivan, Andrew Taft, Paul Weinman, Matt Weiter, Bayla […]

The Main Street Rag, Winter 2000


…nny Scarecrow by Anne Stevenson, Ghostholders Know by Ford Swetnam., and The Lost Sea by Keith Flynn. Poetry by Tony Abbott, V.T. Abercrombie, Bob Caldwell, Carol Caputo, Kenneth Chamlee, Robert Cooperman, Robert C. Crowe, Dana Gioia, Archibald Henderson, James Thomas James, Suzanne Baldwin Leitner, Lyn Lifshin, David T. Manning, Robert Miltner, B. Z. Niditch, Dianna […]

The Main Street Rag, Winter 2003/2004


…Hope by Anthony S. Abbott. Poetry by Matt Morris, Chimyô Simone Atkinson, Suzanne Baldwin Leitner, Barry Ballard, Katherine W. Barr, Anselm Brocki, Louis Daniel Brodsky, Michael Brown, Gary Every, Robert Cooperman, Christopher Cunningham, Michael C. Dowdy, Kurt Cole Eidsvig, Brian Fugett, C. S. Fuqua, Pamela Garvey, Nathan Graziano, Joy Beshears Hagy, Preston H. Hood, III, […]

The Main Street Rag, Winter 2006/2007


…Kathy Stripling Byer An Interview with the North Carolina Poet Laureate by Suzanne Baldwin Leitner Fiction The Limbs on Club by Stephen Morsk The Communist Manifesto by Orlando W. Martinez The Hanging Woods by Scott Loring Sanders Breaking the Silence by Katya Uroff Reviews Anne Barnhill, David Chorlton, Janyce Stefan-Cole, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Heather […]

The Main Street Rag, Fall 2006


…air Honeycutt— Founder of the CPCC Spring Literary Festival Interviewed by Suzanne Baldwin Leitner Essays Ten Years After by Shawn Pavey What Can We Do to Make Your Stay in Power More Comfortable? by Norman Ball Fiction Farewell to the Barons and Lords by Tim Keppel Country Porch Lights by Richard Peabody Wild Kingdom by […]