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…he care of a passionate psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Turner, Roland starts to make progress with communication. Unfortunately, his ability to create art is lost as the power of language grows. After almost ten years of institutional caretaking, and with the blessings of his doctor, Roland returns to Sanford, Florida to start a journey to try […]

The Main Street Rag, Fall 2006


…ne Baldwin Leitner Essays Ten Years After by Shawn Pavey What Can We Do to Make Your Stay in Power More Comfortable? by Norman Ball Fiction Farewell to the Barons and Lords by Tim Keppel Country Porch Lights by Richard Peabody Wild Kingdom by Steve Taylor Reviews Richard Allen Taylor, Phebe Davidson, John Birkbeck, Anne […]

The Main Street Rag, Spring 2004


…unny Day by Daryl Rogers, Not So Profound by Nathan Graziano, The Laugh We Make When We Fall by Susan Firer, Something Near the Dance Floor by Bruce Dethlefsen, Loose Change by Louis McKee, Joy Unspeakable by Laura Stamps, Shooting the Rat: Outstanding Poems and Stories by High School Writers, Edited by Mark Paulak, Dick […]

Long Dead Lover


…d lows of society to a Spanish city and the house next door. These stories make us rethink the relationships between man and woman, husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, friend and friend. And Boisvert’s voice is so powerful it drowns out the world beyond his stories—here is the vivid and continuous […]

Free Range Men

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…J. Beckerman is unlucky in life and love. Newly divorced and struggling to make ends meet as an overworked and underpaid adjunct professor, he whiles away his evenings hopping from dive bar to dive bar with his two boozy friends. Skirt-chasing, but still pining for his ex-wife—who has a new love interest—Beckerman struggles to maintain […]

Blue Suburban Skies


…burban trials and tribulations. But he does it with a smile. Escaping the suburbs is a goal for some, others remain trapped, or must return to consequences. If time doesn’t grind you down, if paranoia doesn’t make you crazy, if love doesn’t crush your spirit, then maybe you have a chance. The same chance whether […]



…An exploration of the responsibilities of love, Golgotha is a heroic and tragic tale about the choices and sacrifices a father must make to protect and nurture his child….

Return To Waking Life


…e shows us the steps of what he calls acclimatization—how newcomers try to make adjustments until our first countries fade. But does it ever happen? Although we do our best to fit in, Chorlton asks, can we ever feel at home in our country? in our city? or even in our bodies? Chorlton tells us […]