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Kakalak is an annual publication of poetry and art by or about North and South Carolina, the people who live here, the places that draw others here. All work is selected through an annual contest which has a May deadline. Guidelines for the next upcoming contest will be posted on the MSR website starting in January of that year.

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Release date: December 7, 2019

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First Place & Cover Art: Brittany Taylor-Driggers, “Tree Lights”
Second Place: Christina Baumis, “Palm Tree Spirits”
Third Place: Joyce Compton Brown, “Orphanage Little Barn”
Honorable Mention: Jeanne Julian, “Doll, Tryon Palace”
Honorable Mention: T. Parker Sanborn, “Spherical Color”
Honorable Mention: Martin Settle, “The Village of the Mermaids”


First Place: Kathy Ackerman, “The Men Who Are My Father”
Second Place: Julie Ann Cook, “Milktongue”
Third Place: Janet Ford, “Shine”
Honorable Mention: Terri Greco, “Living”
Honorable Mention: Sarah Pross, “Stove Food”
Honorable Mention: Jane Shlensky, “The Killing Tree”


Joyce Compton Brown, “Hunting Creek Bridge”
Jeanne Julian, “Old Cypress, Neuse River”
T. Parker Sanborn, “Congruous”
Brittany Taylor-Driggers, “His Room with a View”


Chris Abbate, “Breath Become a Gale” and “Endearments”
J.S. Absher, “How Daddy Enters the Financial Services Industry” and “The Radiance Once So Bright”
Kathy Ackerman, “Presidents’ Day: Unlimited Bowling at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino”
Pam Baggett, “Out Walking, Searching for Acceptance” and “Death of the Wild Multiflora Rose”
Joan Barasovska, “Intersection”
Donald Beagle, “On Driving to the Solar Eclipse with My Granddaughter” and “Blue Ridge Vision”
Katie Ellen Bowers, “Rooted”
Mary O’Keefe Brady, “In the Last Row at Anderson’s Antiques”
Joyce Compton Brown, “Walking the Farm with My Cousin”
Les Brown, “Nights at the Farmhouse” and “Unbroken Ribbon”
Kathleen Calby, “Flirting with Owls”
Paloma A. Capanna, “Florence Visits Stacy”
Ken Chamlee, “Test Poem” and “After the Adventure Films”
Suzanna L. Cockerille, “This Life”
Barbara Conrad, “Roofers Are Making Music on My Neighbor’s House” and “Another Spat with My Brother”
Julie Ann Cook, “Utter Silence”
Kathy Craig, “Mercy”
Robert Cumming, “Joyful and Triumphant” and “Pisgah Ridge, October, Moonrise”
Steve Cushman, “Nothing Heavy Today” and “Fathers and Sons”
Debra Daniel, “The Vet Students Receive Their Eggs” and “In the Gallery of the Mother and the Boy”
Sue Weaver Dunlap, “Place Names” and “Steeping Home”
Rebecca Ethridge, “Creation Myth” and “Monkey in the Middle”
Janet Ford, “Vashti”
Michael Gaspeny, “Stampy”
Terri Greco, “Biopsy in B Minor”
Anne Waters Green, “For Those Who Bloom Late” and “Gathering the Flocks”
Bill Griffin, “More Life”
Janis Harrington, “Inauguration Day 2009” and “I Come to You as Quickly as I Can”
Paul Jones, “The Red-Vinegar Sauce”
Jeanne Julian, “Salvage Yard” and “The Man Who Took Her Blood”
Caroline Kane Kenna, “What Remains” and “Jumble”
Kit Loney, “Evening Stroll, Stem Point” and “Ultramarine”
Sam Love, “Unleashing the Cosmic Jokers”
Sandra Marshburn, “On a Cool Fall Day”
Preston Martin, “He Awaits” and “Great Aunt”
Terri McCord, “Cooperation of Bears”
Doug McHargue, “Your Deal”
Ashley Memory, “The Gavin Girls”
Kathy Nelson, “Planetary Motion” and “Anger Is Easier than Absence”
Diana Pinckney, “Her Parents Return to the Condo on the Coast”
Eugene Platt, “Eat Strawberries and Seize the Day”
Sarah Pross, “Sandpaper Tongue”
Pat Riviere-Seel, “Homeplace” and “Autumn Liturgy”
Susan Schmidt, “The Star that Keeps Me Safe”
Martin Settle, “The Triumph of Infidelity” and “The Laughter of Sarah”
Sharon A. Sharp, “High Country Resonance”
Jane Shlensky, “The Unchosen”
Sherry Siddall, “Oysters”
Lynn Stanton, “After the Rain” and “Where You Are”
Caren Stuart, “Nog”
Melinda Thomsen, “Annual Hunting Sale”
Betsy Thorne, “Things Never Wanted”
Lucinda Trew, “Walking Across Bones”
Pam Turner, “wait, please”
Mark Vogel, “Directions Home” and “The Mountain Man”
Priscilla Webster-Williams, “Poesia, a Painting by Carlo Dolci”
Eric Weil, “Sitting Is the New Smoking” and “My Life as a Stalker”
Zachariah Claypole White, “12 Plants that Grow in My Mother’s Garden” and “Pinewoods Elementary School: An Assessment”
Laurie Wilcox-Meyer, “Son”
Nancy H. Womack, “Off Painters Gap Road” and “Up: A Painting by Chrystal Riviere-Blalock”

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