love poems in the apocalypse / dani gabriel


love poems in the apocalypse

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dani gabriel

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Release Date: May 3, 2022

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Dani Jeremiah Gabriel is also the author of a collection of poems called Low Rent Prophet (Nomadic Press) and several other titles. They received an MFA from Mills College. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their partner and two teenagers. You can find out more about their work at

In dire times of pandemics, rising fascism, the disasters of climate change, there is need for alleluias for the small truths and the compassionate voice. Dani Gabriel’s poems that focus on the light so persistent, so beautiful, so true that is love for the manifestations of life and an implicit faith are healing words, beautiful and true. ~Rafael Jesús González, Poet Laureate, City of Berkeley, California

election thursday poem


it’s my favorite moment
of the day.
light slides out
the edges of evening,
it’s not quite night
not totally day
some kind of magic
in between
where something
is still possible.

i round the corners
down the hill
toward you:
and all the miscommunications
cancelled campaigns
bad attitudes
of this morning,
the death shadow and
tough talk
and empty stomach
of this afternoon
can’t keep me from singing
along too loud to the radio.

it’s almost
all of it.
this song, this day, this election, this life,
really we don’t have much time.
the air is getting heavy
and the streetlights are coming on.
but right now
in this instant
i could roll the windows down
and belt out the melody,
take that last turn just a bit too fast
to get home to the you
in all the songs, the one
who right now
is noticing the deepening sky
putting the porch light on.



wish list


1. your kiss in the cool ink black of the morning
2. fire in the streets
3. a small hand on my shoulder
4. a hundred fists in the air
5. songs about love
6. songs about revolution
7. songs about revolutionary love
8. a rough barked tree to climb
9. forests covering the scarred earth
10. paint blooming on concrete walls
11. concrete crumbling
12. a long phone call from far
13. empty prisons
14. not to have to go to work today
15. something free, anything free
16. church every day of the week
17. your kiss in the after-dinner shadow
18. quiet streets
19. a small sighing goodnight
20. the whole world at rest,        even dreaming



the antidote to everything


the antidote
to everything
is your truck cutting off
in the driveway
your boots on the steps
your key fighting
with the lock.

it’s five thirty
and the october cold
still sheets the windows.
you brought entemann’s donuts
and cello wrapped cinnamon rolls
from the twenty four hour grocery.

i brought
this kiss
in the quiet kitchen.
it lifts my toes and
i feel the sunrise early
light bouncing on the linoleum
firing the possibilities
of this day.

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