The Main Street Rag, Fall 2005



Catching Up with Lyn Lifshin
An Inteview by Nathan Leslie


Alienation of Affection by Carl F. Thompson, Jr.
True Lagoon
by William Sheldon

Reviews by Victoria Moreland, Richard Allen Taylor, Anne Barnhill, Tim W. Brown, Cheryl A Townsend, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.

of the following work:

Let it Rain Coffee by Angie Cruz, Suckers by Joseph Farley, Secret Places and Other Poems by Brian Kenneth Swain, Radiance by Barbara Crooker, Permanent Party by Michael Casey, beneath the valley of the blue-eyed boys by Mark Hartenbach, The Influence of Pigeons on Architecture by Timons Esaias.

Poetry by Anthony S. Abbott, Carol Hamilton, Partridge Boswell, Larsen Bowker, Elizabeth Bridges, Leslie Brown, T. Anders Carson, Robert Cooperman, Timons Esaias, Michael Estabrook, Christopher S. Fuqua, Marc Jampole, Mary Soon Lee, Scott MacPhail, David T. Manning, Stephen Malin, Deborah Mead, Greg Moglia, Lenard D. Moore, Lou Roach, Francisco Rodriguez, Omar Shapli, Carol Smallwood, William Sheldon, Max Snavlin, Richard Allen Taylor, Richard Vargas, Martin Vest, James Washington, Jr., Fredrick Zydek.

Cover Art: Transformation, by Sally B. Miller.
Images by Kim Copeland, Karon Luddy, Taso Papadakis, Gerald Wheeler

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