The Main Street Rag, Fall 2009



The Slow Vanishing: An Interview with Maureen Sherbondy by Beth Browne


“Eva Beneath the Star” by Maureen Sherbondy
“Well Baby Grows Up” by Maureen Sherbondy
“God Becomes a Poet” by Maureen Sherbondy
“The Big Dialogue” by Charles Rammelkamp
“The Deconstructed Man” by William Luvaas
“You Are a Temporary” by Laure Lee Smith
“Queen of Hearts” by Janet Freeman
“House For Sale” by Virginia Aronson


Maureen Sherbondy, Anthony S. Abbott, Betty Wilson Beamguard, Courtney J. Campbell, David Chorlton, Robert Cooperman, James Cushing, John Davis, Charles Freeland, Cynthia Gallaher, John Grey, Alan Harawitz, Rebecca James, Ted Jonathan, Jeanne Laresn, John Lawson, Robert LeBlanc, Stephen Malin, Vicki Mandell-King, Piotr Roszczenko, David T. Manning, Robert Michael O’Hearn, Carol Peters, Brian J. Pilling, M.P. Powers, Robert Collet Tricaro, Brady Rhoades, Fred Rosenblum, Mike Schneider, Larry Schug, L.B. Sedlacek, Zvi A. Sesling, Steve Shilling, Sarah Sloat, Richard Spilman, Michael Spring, George Staley, Kim Triedman, Bill Vernon, Kit Williamson.

Books Reviewed:

Moon Mirror Whiskey Wind by Debra Kaufman, Endpoint and Other Poems by John Updike, Better With Friends by Helen Losse, The Ice Ship and Other Vessels by Andrew Allport, Calamity by Josie Sigler.

Reviewed by:

Heather Jane Collings, Scott Owens, Eric A. Weil


Cover Art: M. Scott Douglass
Title Page: M. Scott Douglass
Images: M. Scott Douglass

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