The Main Street Rag, Fall 2010


What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


Another Word for Home: Steve Roberts Interview by Beth Browne


David Chorlton, Laura Towne, Jack Lloyd, Tamas Dobozy, D. Kermitas, Dennis Bormann


Francis Alix, Larry Allen, Amy Ash, Maria Bennett, Nick Bacon, Ace Boggess, Carl Freeman, David R. Bowman, Okla Elliott, Wanda Lea Brayton, Tim Myers, James Kowalczyk, Peg Bresnahan, Michael Carrino, Robert Cooperman, Rod Farmer, Kate V.M. Ferguson, Alex Grant, T.M. Johnson, Lyn Lifshin, Bill Wolak, Helen Losse, Andrew Madigan, Gary Metheny, Johnny Masiulewicz, Greg Moglia, Richard W. Moyer, Marcus Meyers, Robert Parham, Connie Post, William L. Ramsey, David Rigsbee, Marty Silverthorne, Karen Sandberg, Margaret A. Robinson, Rikki Santer, Prartho Sereno, Charles Webb, Danielle Weir, Allessio Zanelli, Valerie Wetlaufer, G. Clay Whitaker.

Books Reviewed:

A Brief History of Time by Shaindel Beers, Fingers Pointing at the Moon by Rod Farmer, Waiting by Ronald Moran, Ka-Ching! by Denise Duhamel, Perpetual Care by Katie Cappello.

Reviewed by:

Charles Rammelkamp, Heather Collings Renfroe, Richard Allen Taylor, Eric A. Weil


Cover Art: “Looking Back” by Carla Garrison
Images: M. Scott Douglass

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