The Main Street Rag, Fall 2015


What’s Inside (Table of Contents)

Feature Interview:

Shelby Stephenson: The Bard of Beautiful Necessity
An Interview by Lisa Zerkle.


Elizabeth Gargano, Kevin Thomas Marchand, Helen Degen Cohen, Frank Scozzari


Carolyn Gelland


John Allman, Heath Brougher, Sara Clancy, Sandy Coomer, Robert Clinton, Holly Day, Norvin Dickerson, Renee Emerson, Martha Golesky, Rod Farmer, Michael Harty, Grey Held, Ryan Hibbert, Michelle Hendrixson-Miller, Betsy Johnson-Miller, Anne Kaylor, Robert Lee Kendrick, Kevin King, Robert Nisbet, Robert Parham, Andrew H. Oerke, Thomas Pescatore, Ron Riekki, Shoshauna Shy, Richard Allen Taylor, Sally Vogl, Chad Weeden, Dede Wilson, Howard Winn, Scott Wordsman, Michael T. Young

Books Reviewed

Death, and the Day’s Light by James Dickey, A Piece of Calm by Sally Stewart Mohney, The Beast and the Innocent by Diana Pinckney, And for the Mouth a Flower by J. Tarwood


Mike James, Richard Allen Taylor, Eric Weil


William C. Crawford, Charles Rammelkamp, M. Scott Douglass

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