The Main Street Rag, Fall 2020


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Featured Interview:

Doralee Brooks: When I Hold You Up to the Light
Interview by M. Scott Douglass

Creative Non-Fiction by

Frederick W. Bassett

Fiction by

Nathan V. Baker, Mari Carlson, Linda Griffin, Alan Nelson, Eudora Watson

Poetry by

Doralee Brooks, Joan Barasovska, Rachel Barton, Joan E. Bauer, Bethany Bowman, Ranney Campbell, Maria Ceferatti, Llyn Clague, Sally Dunn, Caroline Goodwin, John Dorroh, Cleo Griffith, Dorinda Hale, LM Harrod, Randel McCraw Helms, Dennis Herrell, Robert W. Hill, Earl Carlton Huband, Zebulon Huset, Craig Kittner, Mike Jurkovic, Mary Hills Kuck, Daniel Edward Moore, George Longenecker, Robert Garner McBrearty,  Terri McCord, Bruce Morton, Frederick Pollack, Brian Rihlmann, Timothy Robbins, Bruce Robinson, Kate Wallace Rogers, Gerard Sarnat, J.D. Schraffenberger, Richard Allen Taylor, Matthew A. Toll, Scott Waters, James Bradley Wells, Milly Brown White

Books Reviewed

Among the Gliesians by Philip Fried, Like a Bird with a Thousand Wings by Melissa Studdard, A Quarrel of Atoms by Kathy Ackerman, Love’s Compass by Cheryl A, Rice, Swale by Allison Hutchcraft, In the Sunroom with Raymond Carver by Dannye Romine Powell, A Small Thing to Want by Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, Any Song Will Do by Donald Levering


Luanne Castle, Christopher Davis, Mike James, Jeanne Julian, George Longenecker, Jen McConnell, Maria Rouphail, Richard Allen Taylor

Images by M. Scott Douglass

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