The Main Street Rag, Spring 2005



Blue Collar Theater: A Rap Session with Equity Actors
by Kara Revel


Raising The Rabbit by Jane K. Andrews
Road Man
by Dennis Vannatta

Reviews by David Chorlton, Nathan Leslie, Gail J. Peck, S. Craig Renfroe, Richard Allen Taylor, Julie E. Townsend, Neal Wilgus.

of the following work:

The Divine Salt by Peter Blair, The Trail We Leave by Ruben Palma, translated by Alexander Taylor, A Book Of Minutes by Cathy Smith Bowers, Dwight’s House And Other Stories by Meredith Sue Willis, Life As A Weed: Meditations On Plants Unbidden by Ken Burrows, The Leveling Wind by Kell Robertson.

Poetry by C.B. Andrews, Cynthia Atkins, Anne Babson, Hugh Fox, Barry Ballard, Barbara Conrad, Llyn Clague, Rob Cook, Justin Courter, Gary Every, Michael D. Riley, Michael H. Ivey, Shane Jones, Clark Karoses, Marie Kazalia, Romella D. Kitchens, Kenneth Leonhardt, Heather Magruder, Stephen Mainard, Matthew McCaw, Ken Meisel, Khrynn Yvonne McManus, Joe Mills, Ronald Moran, Michael O’Reilly, Stephanie Painter, Eric Rawson, Tom Rich, Bill Roberts, Lee Robinson, Karen Sandberg, Mather Schneider, Lianne Spidel, Kelly Thompson, Kelley Jean White.

Cover Art: David Feels Nice, by Taso Papadakis.
Images by Beth Cagle Burt, F. Cameron Hunter, Leslie Miller, Taso Papadakis

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