The Main Street Rag, Spring 2008


What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


Heather Davis, Author of The Lost Tribe of Us,
Winner of the 2007 MSR Poetry Book Award
Interviewed by Suzanne Baldwin Leitner


Reports from Another World by Carl F. Thompson
Lucifer Bird by Sue Williams
Thirst by Mark Lewandowski


Heather Davis, Virginia Aronson, Henry Berne, Elizabeth Burgess, Alan Catlin, Glen Chesnut, David Chorlton, Noel Conneely, Robert Cooperman, Elissa Errick, Frederick Foote, Rod Farmer, Rebecca J. Foust, Trina Gaynon, Carol Hamilton, James Himelsbach, David Jordan, Krista Klanderman, Robert Collet Tricaro, George Looney, Don Mager, Bethany Mahan, Vicki Mandel King, James Scannel McCormick, Ron Moran, Mimi Moriarty, Mike Powers, Alice Osborn, Scott Owens, Charles Rammelcamp, Sarah Sarai, Kelley Jean White, Lisa Sidelarz, Sheila Tiarks, Elizabeth Swados, MaryJo Werthman White, Neal Zirn

Books Reviewed:

Take What You Want by Henrietta Goodman, Native Guard by Natasha Trethewey, Line Dance by Barbara Cooker, Magdelena by Maureen Gibbon, Aphrodite’s Daughter by Becky Gould Gibson, Need-Fire by Becky Gould Gibson, Lucky Man by Ben Tanzer.

Reviewed by:

Anne Barnhill, Heather Jane Collings, Kristina Marie Darling, Jennifer MacPherson, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Richard Allen Taylor.


Cover Art: M. Scott Douglass
Photo Feature: Bethany Mahan

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