The Main Street Rag, Spring 2009


What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


Interviewing the Interviewer: MSR Interviewer Suzanne Baldwin Leitner Discusses her New Novella, Sessions with a Cheater’s Wife by M. Scott Douglass


“Hallmark is Sorry for Your Loss” by Diana Goble
“Waiting Room” by James Blessington
“Ravens and Crayons” by Zdravka Evtimova
“Domesticated Kin” by Jay Shearer


Katherine Barr, Joseph Bueter, V. T. Abercrombie, Erik Bundy, Alan Catlin, Glenn Cassidy, Chris Crittenden, Kathleen Dale, Chet Corey, Alejandro Escude, Christopher Goodrich, George Gott, Cleo Griffith, Kate Groff, Betsy Humphreys, Jesse Kidd, Ann B. Knox, David Lawrence, P. V. LeForge, D. Lifland, Ken Meisel, Hilary Melton, Laura Nagy, John Ward Hocter, Robert Parham, Robert Pfingston, Tim Poland, Ian Pollock, Doug Ramspeck, Simon Perchik, Robert Reeves, Don Ryan, Robert Schiffman, Mary Soon Lee, E. Shaun Russell, Jim Spurr, Lynn Stanton, Mark Taska, Toni Thomas, Emily Vogel, Eric Torgersen, Gerald Yelle, and Alessio Zanelli.

Books Reviewed:

Dark Card by Rebecca Foust, After the Poison by Collin Kelley, The Blurring of Time by Robert Moran, No Sweeter Fat by Nancy Pagh, A Tomb on the Perifery by John Domini, Dislocation and Other Theories by Erin Murphy, Shots On by Carol Hamilton, Trouble and Honey by Jilly Dybka.

Reviewed by:

David-Matthew Barnes, Jessie Carty, Heather Jane Collings, Tracy Koretsky, Janyce Stefan-Cole, Richard Allen Taylor, and Erica A. Weil.


Cover Art: “Power” by M. Scott Douglass
Title Page Photo: “My Mom Rules” by M. Scott Douglass

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