The Main Street Rag, Spring 2012


What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


A Prayer to Saint Jude: An Interview with Vicki Salloum by Beth Browne


Gary V. Powell, Linda Ardison, Mary Ann Noe


Jackie Bartley, Ralph Earle, Robert Cooperman, Holly Day, Darren C. Demaree, Morgan DePue, Gary Every, Joel Ferdon, Ben Francisco, Lew Forester, Jack Granath, Carolyn Gregory, Natalie Hatami, Jamie Lynn Heller, Scott Hicks, Jim Horn, Michael Minassian, Ben Nardolilli, Robert Michael O’Hearn, Ryan Peeters, Wanda S. Praisner, Lana Rakhman, Dave Reddall, Lee Rossi, Tim Sanborn, Karen Sandberg, Robert Schuler, Kevin Sweeney, Nancy Takacs, Dennis Trudell, James Valvis, David Vancil, Paula Weld-Cary.

Books Reviewed:

Alien Nation by Alan Catlin, Killing the Murnion Dogs by Joe Wilkins, Nightwoods by Charles Frazier, Mud Cakes by Jason Schossler, The Glass Crib by Amanda Auchter.

Reviewed by:

Elizabeth Renee Gonzalez, Anne Hicks, Jen McConnell, Richard Allen Taylor, Eric Weil.


Beth Browne’s photographs were used on the front and back cover as well as the title page.

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