The Main Street Rag, Spring 2013


What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


Jonathan Johnson, Voice of the Upper Peninsula by Ron Riekki

Crossroads by Ed Davis
Toro by Sean Jackson

The Poetry of Conservation by Sue Farlow

Reviews by Jen McConnell, Carrie Shipers, Richard Allen Taylor, Eric Weil.

of the following work:

The Sin Eaters & Other Stories by Elizabeth Frankie Rollins, Murder Ballad by Jane Springer, Shaking the Kaleidoscope by Kate Kingston, Genes by David T. Manning, A Passion for Apathy: The collected and Rejected Poems of Vittorio Carli, Poems by G.B. Ryan, Eyes, Stones by Elana Bell, Conversation Pieces: Selected Interviews by Eric Greinke, U-Haul with Dinosaur by John Bennet.

Poetry by Jonathan Johnson, Jeffrey C. Alfier, Diana Anhalt, Donna Belchar, Kevin Brown, Christina Clark, Cathryn Cofell, Noel Conneely, Robert Cooperman, Peg Bresnahan, Steve Cushman, Mike Faran, Joel Ferdon, Allan Garry, Clifford Paul Fetters, Gerald George, Elton Glaser, William Greenway, Cleo Griffith, Herb Guggenheim, Patricia L. Hamilton, Jonathan Harrington, Rich Heller, Ann Howells, Victoria Kelly, Gary Metheny, Kyle Laws, Richard Luftig, Stephen Malin, Terri McCord, Kenneth Nichols, Charles Rammelkamp, Jim Scutti, Katrin Talbot, Lynne Tanner, J. Tarwood, Charles Webb, Neal Zirn

Roger Cozart, M. Scott Douglass

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