The Main Street Rag, Spring 2015


What’s Inside

Featured Interview:

Truth in the Moment: An interview with Brian Patrick Heston,
Winner of the 2014 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award
by Graham Irvin

Fiction by:

Lynne Carol Austin, Douglas Cole, Honor McElroy, Kendall Sparks

Poetry by:

Brian Patrick Heston, Julie Ascarrunz, Joyce Compton Brown, Juan Pablo Duboue, Bret Evans, Carolyn Gelland, Kathie Giorgio, Eric Greinke, Carol Hamilton, Marsh Muirhead, Robert Lee Kendrick, Jim Kerbaugh, Kristin Lafollette, Rayon Lennon, V.P. Loggins, Ronald Moran, Richard W. Moyer, James B. Nicola, David E. Poston, Marjorie Power, Charles Rammel Kamp, Christina M. Rau, Dian Duchin Reed, Oliver Rice, Lee Rossi, Mike Schneider, Jim Scutti, Mary Soon Lee, Richard Spillman, J. Tarwood, Eric Torgerson, Teisha Dawn Twomey, Alessio Zanelli

 Books Reviewed:

On the Bevel by Janice Moore Fuller. moonShine review, Vol. 10: Celebrating Ten Years. International Poetry Review. Citizen, An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine. Didn’t See it Coming edited by Anna Katherine Freeland & Carol Young Gallagher. Samsara by Jennifer Markell. The Speed of Our Lives by Grace C. Ocasio. Ten Thousand Waves by Wang Ping.


Eric Weil, Karen Elias, Mike James, Susan Lefler, Terresa Haskew, Leanna Stead, Richard Allen Taylor, Lisa Zerkle.

Cover art:

M. Scott Douglass


Ship Date: April 15, 2015


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