The Main Street Rag, Spring 2019


Featured Interview:

Jonathan K. Rice interviewed by M. Scott Douglass

Creative non-fiction by

Jan Shoemaker

Fiction by

Earnest J. Finney, Jennifer Moses, Joseph Webb, Alfred Marks

Poetry by

Jonathan K. Rice, Tobi Alfier, Christopher Todd Anderson, Clint Bowman, Devika Brandt, Michael Carrino, Carmi Soifer, Llyn Clague, Timothy Cook, Robert J. Howe, Deborah H. Doolittle, Craig Evenson, Cynthia Knorr, Charles Grosel, Carol Hamilton, Pauletta Hansel, Kitty Forbes, Alan Harawitz, Julie Hassett, Hank Kalet, George Drew, Autumn Konopka, Carol Levin, Gerard Sarnat, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, DS Maolalai, Harry Moore, Marsh Muirhead, Jose Oseguera, Cathryn Shea, Mark Simpson, Victoria Shippen, Richard Stuecker, Anastasia Vassos, Sandy Weisman, Alessio Zanelli

Books Reviewed

Birthing Age by Joan Barasovska, Mnemosyne’s Hand by Charles W. Brice, Figures for a Family Portrait by Steve Lautermilch, All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness, and Finding Our Way by Patrice Gopo, Punishment by Nancy Miller Gomez, Wonderland by Matthew Dickman, Red Channel in the Rupture by Amber Flora Thomas, Of Sun and Rain by Millie West


Luanne Castle, Karen Elias, Michael Wayne Friedman, Terresa Haskew, Jeanne Julian, Maria Rouphail, Richard Allen Taylor, Eric Weil


Cover image courtesy of
others by M. Scott Douglass & Jill Rausch