The Main Street Rag, Spring 2023


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Patti Frye Meredith: SOUTH OF HEAVEN

by M. Scott Douglass

Fiction by

Tony Hozeny, Roger Hart, Ann Levin, Scott Pedersen, Steve Putnam

Poetry by

Rachel Barton, Joyce Compton Brown, Frank X. Christmas, Gayle Compton, Lana Hechtman Ayers, Ginny Lowe Connors, Brenda Edgar, Alissa Sammarco, Alfred Fournier, Monique Gagnon German, Mark Grinyer, Bill Griffin, Jana Harris, Randall Martoccia, Lloyd Jacobs, Hank Kalet, Gary Lechliter, D.C. Leonhardt, George Longenecker, Robert Lunday, Michelle Matz, Randy Minnich, Karen Whittington Nelson, David E. Poston, Philip Raisor, Diane Pohl, James W. Reynolds, Livingston Rossmoor, Mark Rubin, David Sapp, Karen Elizabeth Sharpe, Richard Allen Taylor, Judith Terzi, Mitchell Untch, Mid Walsh, Cynthia Ventresca, Randy Lee White, Richard Widerkehr, Christy Wise, Samantha Woodruff

Books Reviewed

Orange Tulips by Joan Barasovska, All the Way to China by Maria Rouphail, A Postcard from the Delta by Michael Gaspeny, How We Disappear by Tara Lynn Masih, In the Same Light: 200 Poems for Our Century from the Migrants & Exiles of the Tang Dynasty, Translations by Wong May, Repeat After Me by Kathy Ackerman


Luanne Castle, Jeanne Julian, George Longenecker, Phelps Pond, Richard Allen Taylor


M. Scott Douglass, James Kaylor


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