The Main Street Rag, Summer 2003



David Slavitt
Interviewed by Okla Elliott

A Market Researcher Asks for Your Help
by Sean O’Leary

Fiction by Scott Jagow and D.A. Taylor.

Reviews by David Chorlton, Jen Hirt, Frank S. Palmisano, III, Rich Ristow, Sherri Smith, and Bill Wesse of the following work:

Christening the Dancer by John Amen, What Calls Us by David Bengston, Arrow Pointing North by David Dodd Lee, Museum Mundane by E.V. Noechel, Hard by Nancy Henry, Emergences and Spinner Falls by Robert Haight, The Palace of Ashes by Sherry Fairchok, The Fifth Ramone by Kevin Zepper, Man in a Suitcase by David Plumb, Mrs. Kimble by Jennifer Haigh, Sweet Fire by Pat MacEnulty

Poetry by Laurie Lico Albanese, Miriam Axel-Lute, Joe Bacal, Joan E. Bauer, Henry Berne, Andrew Bradley, Clare Brown, Sally Buckner, Matthew A. Cavellier, Carol Crawford, Colin Aaron Dodds, Rod Farmer, Marie Griffin, Nancy Henry, Laverne Frith, Carol Frith, Arthur Gottlieb, Janis Greve, Mike James, Robert K. Johnson, Michael Kriesel, Karen Lodge, Pat MacEnulty, Leslie F. Miller, Cecil Morris, Flynn C. Murphy, Tanya Olson, Robert L. Penick, Rich Ristow, Daniel Saalfeld, Janet St. John, Kale Sevron, Tom Skove, M. Garcia Spring, Laura Stamps, Sampson Starkweather, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Lawrence Welsh, Don Winter, Lee Clark Zumpe

Cover Art by Michael Swisher.

Photographs by J.R. Holmes and Jason Lee Brown.

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