The Main Street Rag, Summer 2004



Duff Brenna
Interviewed by Jeffrey Okla Elliott

The Kafka Within
an essay by David Chorlton

Framing the Debate
political commentary by M. Scott Douglass

Fiction by Salazar’s Grave by Charles Edward Brooks, winner of the 2003 MSR Short Fiction Contest. Rush to Judgment by Cyndy Muscatel, Runner-up 2003 MSR Short Fiction Contest.

Reviews by Janice Fuller, Mike James, Barbara Lawing, S. Craig Renfroe, Rich Ristow

of the following work:

Boys by David Lloyd, Saying These Things by Ronald Moran, Barb Quill Down by Bill Griffin, Petitions for Immortality: Scenes from the life of John Keats by Robert Cooperman, Jasper by Michelle Groce, Krypton Nights by Bryan D. Dietrich, The Resurrection of the Body And the Ruin of the World by Paul Guest, Zoo Music by William D. Waltz, Satisfied with Havoc by Jo McDougall.

Poetry by John Amen, Therese L. Barholomew, Erin Bealmear, Karla Huston, Jo Carolyn Beebe, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, DC Berry, Beebe Barksdale-Bruner, W.K. Buckley, Michael Colonnese, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Lyle Daggett, Doug Draime, Michael A. Flanagan, Timons Esias, Mark Fabrizio, Christien Gholson, Gerald Kaminsky, Laurie MacDiarmid, Michael Murray, Ione O’Hara, Jonathan K. Rice, Rich Ristow, Andrew Sage, Marisa Rosenfeld, Askold Skalsky, Mike Schneider, Martin Vest, Mike White, Tricia Yost, Anne Zahran, Fredrick Zydek.

Cover Art: The Color of Rust, a photo by Stacey R. Fruits, graphically manipulated by M. Scott Douglass.

Images by Stacey Fruits, Helen Lurye, Douglass South, Gerald Wheeler.

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