The Main Street Rag, Summer 2006



Mark Smith-Soto
Interviewed by Raul Clement


“The Survivors” by Ed Southern
“Filthy, but Free Food” by Christina Wright
“The Poet” by Faisal Mohyuddin


Henry Berne, Daniel Brodsky, Jeffery Campbell, Beth Copeland, Kathleen Burgess, Okla Elliot, Rina Ferrarelli, Christina Forrest, Julie Gordon-Dueck, Nancy Haiduck, Anne Heide, Mary Hennessy, Samantha Isasi, Susan Landgraf, David T. Manning, Eileen McCluskey, Toby McHenry, Jonathan Harrington, John Miller, Rebecca Mostov, Matthew Olzmann, Mary Paulson, Bill Roberts, Georgette Perry, Mather Schneider, Tim Poland, Farley Walker, Doug Ramspeck, Kathleen Rooney, Genie Cotner, Marty Silverthorne, Spiel, Ginny Thompson, Mike Smith, Ellie Thoni, Hugh B. Fox, Bill Tope, Gerald R. Wheeler

Books Reviewed:

Dying Light and Other Stories by Donald Hays, Homefront by Patricia Monaghan, The Complete Tishku by Marjorie Power, church floor by Spiel, My Nature is Hunger, New and Selected Poems: 1989-2004 by Luis J. Rodriguez, Stomp and Sing by Jon Andersen, A Killing Fever by Robert Cooperman.

Reviewed by:

Alan Catlin, David Chorlton, Victoria Moreland, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Lois Roma-Deeley, Richard Allen Taylor.


Cover Art: “August 1” by Will Goodyear
Images by: Rafael Avila, Brian Blair, Taso Papadakis, Jill L. Rausch

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