The Main Street Rag, Summer 2007



A Novel First
Susan Baldwin Leitner Interviews
Susan Woodring About Her First Novel, THE TRAVELING DISEASE

(Main Street Rag’s first novel as well)


Little Earthquakes by Stephen Roger Powers
Burt Halifax by David Driscoll


Heather Abner, James Babbs, Joan E. Bauer, Robert James Berry, Allegra Blake, Linda Hillman Chayes, Valerie Brender, Henry Berne, Sara Burge, Tess Christi, Carol Frith, Todd Christopher Cincala, Richard Luftig, Llyn Clague, Cathryn Cofell, Joanne Samraney, Robert Cooperman, Robert Dugan, Joy Beshears Hagy, Brad Johnson, David Jordan, Joan Payne Kincaid, Jeanette Leardi, Andrew Madigan, Buzz Mauro, Terri, McCord, Laura S. Moore, William Neumire, Alice Pero, Tom Nurmi, Shirley Rader, Charles Rammelkamp, Michael Riley, Rick Smith, Michael Wurster.

Books Reviewed:

The Little Book of Plagiarism by Richard A. Posner, Love at Gunpoint by Nila northSun, Another Woman Who Looks Like Me by Lyn Lifshin, Chains & Mirrors by Alex Grant, Piece Work by Barbara Presnell, Twelve Leagues In by Phebe Davidson.

Reviewed by:

John Birkbeck, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Heather Jane Collings, Richard Allen Taylor, Carl F. Thompson, Julie Townsend, Richard Vargas.


Cover Art: by Doug South.

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