The Main Street Rag, Summer 2016


Featured Interview:

Poet of Light and Dark: A Conversation with Linda Pastan Interviewed by Lisa Zerkle

Fiction by

Ed Davis, Lauro Palomba, William Thrift

Poetry by

Jeffrey Alfier, Michael Beadle, Jonathan Anderson, Glenda Council Beall, Nicolas Bock, James Bettendorf, Carl Boon, Joan Colby, Darren C. Demaree, Richard Dinges, Jr., George Freek, Bradley Mason Hamlin, Eric Greinke, Lois Marie Harrod, Jason Irwin, Betty Johnson-Miller, Robert Lee Kendrick, Rose Knapp, Kelly Lenox, Vicki Mandell-King, Scott Owens, Tim Robbins, Rebecca Schumejda, Matthew S. Sisson, Matthew J. Spireng, Thomas R. Smith, Mary Soon Lee, Joseph Stern, Richard Allen Taylor, Bunkong Tuon, Jane Varley, Michael Walsh, James Washington, Jr., Scott Wordsman

Books Reviewed

Broken Lines: Collected Poetic Prose 1990-2015 by James Deahl, Barefoot to Avalon: A Brother’s Story by David Payne, The Year We Let the House Fall Down by Mike James, Black Ice by David Allen Sullivan, Mata Hari: Eye of the Day by Charles Rammelkamp, Doggerland: Ancestral Poems by Dicko King, Open Country: A Civil War Novel in Stories by Jeff Richards, Foreign Tales of Exemplum and Woe by J.C. Ellefson, A Clock of Human Bones by Matthew Borczon


Karen Elias, Evan Williams, Lisa Zerkle, Richard Allen Taylor, Leanna Stead, Terresa Haskew, Eric Weil, Michael Wayne Friedman


Beth Browne, M. Scott Douglass, Chris Werkman

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