The Main Street Rag, Summer 2020


Featured Interview:

Digging for Gold, an Interview with Don Kesterson by Terresa Cooper Haskew

Fiction by

Ethan Forrest Ross, Michael L. Woodruff, NV Baker, Rita Ariyoshi

Poetry by

Steven Ablon, Lisa Creech Bledsoe, James Broschart, Mark Burke, Chris Capitanio, Llyn Clague, Shutta Crum, Darren C. Demaree, David Denny, Craig Evenson, Joel Ferdon, Barbara Greenbaum, Angela Gregory-Dribben, Katrina Hays, Scott T. Hutchison, Mark Jackley, Lloyd Jacobs, Kirsten Kaschock, Brian Johnson, Robert Lee Kendrick, Danyal Kim, Paul Lamar, Donald Levering, David Lewitzky, Marjorie Power, Xiaoly Li, Gail Peck, Patrick T. Reardon, Kevin Ridgeway, John J. Ronan, Susan Sailor, Dana Stamps, II, Linda Stryker, Laura Sweeney, Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Janet Tracy-Landman, Robert Collet Tricaro, Michael Walls, Robert Wooten

Books Reviewed

All the Songs We Sing, edited by Lenard D. Moore, This Far from Perfect by Kate Fetherston, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing by Charlotte Digregorio, Maps of Injuries by Chera Hammons, Sleeping Through the Graveyard Shift by Al Maginnes, The More Extravagant Feast by Leah Naomi Green, An Instant Out of Time by Gail Peck, Our Brains and the Brains of Miniature Sharks by Pablo PiƱero Stillmann, Once More to the Rodeo by Calvin Hennick


Tim Bascom, Luanne Castle, Mike James, Jeanne Julian, Jen McConnell, Maria Rouphail, Richard Allen Taylor, Eric Weil

Images by M. Scott Douglass

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