The Main Street Rag, Winter 2002



Brutal Beauty:
The Poetry of Pam Bernard
By Jean Trounstine

Elizabeth Hyde:
On The Trail of The Next Novel
By Pat MacEnulty

Fiction by Lisa Boylan and Gerald Kaminski.

Reviews by Thomas Fortenberry, Todd Hester, Frank S. Palmisano, III, Max Ruback, Sherri Smith, Bill Wesse.

Poetry by Barry Ballard, Donna Biffar, Ace Boggess, Mike Catalano, Fred Chappell, David Chorlton, McCabe Coolidge, Robert Cooperman, Chris Cunningham, Michael Estabrook, Bill Griffin, Carol Hamilton, Roxane Maria Javid, Christian Jewell, Mario D. Kersey, Lyn Lifshin, Karon G. Luddy, Laurie Mazzaferro, Louis McKee, Bob Meszaros, Pam O’Brien, Richard William Pearce, Diana Pinckney, Rebeca S. Porter, Alex Richardson, Jim Spurr, Shelby Stephenson, Geoffrey B. Trumbo, Kevin Walzer, Katharine Westaway, Kelley Jean White, Don Winter, Dale Wisely, William Woodruff.

Cover Art by Karon Luddy.

Photographs by Keary Liu, Louis S. Faber, Lesley Parker, Kaisheng Mei.

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