The Main Street Rag, Winter 2004/2005


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Jim Ferris: Winner of the 2004 MSR Poetry Book Award
Interview by Caitlin Driscoll and M. Scott Douglass


Protecting Poetry by Frank S. Palmisano, III
Star Trek’s Monsters in Disguise by Alan Rauch
Let Me Tell You Why by Shirley Uphouse

Free by Dennis Must, a runner-up in the 2003 MSR Short Fiction Contest.

Reviews by Tony Morris, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Richard Allen Taylor.

of the following work:

The Woman Who Has Eaten the Moon by Lucinda Grey, Whistling Past the Graveyard by Kristin Berkey-Abbott, High Noon at Pompeii by John Foster West, Far Sides of the Only World by David Williams, Ghost in the Bloody Show by Martin Vest, Foreign Bodies by Sandra Becker

Poetry by Jim Ferris, Lisa Dominguez Abraham, Tony Artuso, George Held, F.J. Bergmann, Alicia Bessette, Alan Catlin, Robert Cooperman, Ryan Eckes, Jilly Dybka, Cheryl Gatling, Rod Farmer, Paul Hamill, Gayle Elen Harvey, Marianna Hofer, Glenn Hutchinson, Rob Ingraham,
John Jenkinson, Robert K. Johnson, Tim Jones, Tim Keane, J.R. Kangas, Sarah Kanning, Gary L. Lark, Barbara J. Mayer, Elizabeth S. Miller, Matt Morris, John McKernan, Charles Rammelkamp, Richard Luftig, Jim Spurr, David Thornbrugh, E. R. Turner, Lisken Van Pelt Dus, Chuck Hicks, Lynda C. Ward, Chris Waters, Jonathan Hayes, Eric A. Weil, Steve Wentz, Dede Wilson, Paul Worley, Anthony Zanelli.

Cover Art: Sunrise At Rocky Mountain, a photo by M. Scott Douglass.
Images by M. Scott Douglass, Irene Blair Honeycutt, Gerald Wheeler, Frank S. Palmisano, III

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