The Main Street Rag, Winter 2005/2006



Steve Taylor, Winner of the MSR 2004 Short Fiction Contest
Interviewed by M. Scott Douglass


The Global Conspiracy Against Shit Just Happening
by Norman Ball
Fiction Like We’re Talking by Patrick Egan
Rock of Ages by Joan Connor
Reviewsby George Held, Andrea Quarracino, Trey Palmisano, Janet McCann, Henry Berne, S. Craig Renfroe Jr., Richard Allen Taylor.

of the following work:
Mead: Twenty-Six Abecedariums by Karl Elder, Drivers by Nathan Leslie, Air Travel by Clarinda Harriss, Hardboot: Poems New and Old by Vivian Shipley, More of Me Disappears by John Amen, Virgins on the Rocks by Karla Huston, Flight to Elsewhere by Samuel Hazo.

Poetry by Justin Askins, Henry Berne, Gary Every, Sally Buckner, Thomas L. Conroy, Gilbert Dale Cornelius, Sue De Kelver, Peter Desmond, Doug Draime, Taj Jackson, Suhaila El-Jallad, Rod Farmer, Bill Griffin, Mike James, Janet R. Kirchheimer, d.n. simmers, Derrick Hines, Angela M. Mendez, Melanie Miller, Will Nixon, Gail J. Peck, Tim Poland, Marjorie Power, Spiel, Belinda Subraman, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Chris Waters, AD Winans.

Cover Art: Say it Ain’t Snow, a photo by Doug South.
Images by Doug South, Melanie Monterey, Taso Papadakis

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