The Main Street Rag, Winter 2007-2008



The Three Great Secret Things: An Interview with Anthony S. Abbott
by Suzanne Baldin Leitner


Elegance Belongs to the Conqueror by Jeffrey Douglas
Delicate Things by Robert Boisvert


Barbara Barron, Eric Beeny, Jane Andrews, Clifford Browder, Sue Chenette, Martha Christina, Keith Wesley Combs, Thomas Rain Crowe, Steve DeFrance, Brock Dethier, Peter Goodwin, Mike Hampton, John Grochalski, Jim Hart, Alison Hicks, Michael Jurkovic, Britt Kaufmann, John Krumberger, David Lawrence, Tom Lombardo, Louis McKee, Michael Murray, John Mann, John Mylotte, Robert Michael O’Hearn, James Norcliffe, Robert Parham, Marisa Rosenfeld, David Schuster, Mary Soon Lee, Karen Sandberg, Richard Spilman, John T. Trigonis, Alice Toporoff Wallace, Leisha Wharfield.

Books Reviewed:

Wolf Heart by Karon Luddy, Ordinary Time by Jackie Bartley, As If the World Really Mattered by Art Goodtimes, The Flies and Their Lovely Names by Philip Belcher, Disappearing Tattoos by Joshua Watson, The Mother-Face in the Mirror by Karen M. Peluso, Of All the Meals I Had Before: Poems About Food and Eating by Doug Holder, No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain by Doug Holder.

Reviewed by:

David Chorlton, Phebe Davidson, Sara E. Lamers, S. Craig Renfroe, Jr., Richard Allen Taylor.


Cover Art: Jim Fuess
Photo Feature: Paul Murphy
Images: Doug South.

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