The Main Street Rag, Winter 2010


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What’s Inside (Table of Contents)


The Quest to Capture Beauty: Jez Coulson, Photo-Journalist by Lynda C. Ward


James Armstrong, Sean Beedle, Bruce Douglas Reeves


John Amen, Michael Estabrook, Peter Blair, Jon Boisvert, Joseph Chapman, Llyn Clague, Matthew S. Colglazier, Andrea Potos, Richard Dent, Kitty Forbes, Alexis Ivy, Lowell Jaeger, Sari Krosinsky, Gary L. Lark, Michael Lenhart, Iain Macdonald, Peter McNamara, John Miller, Janice Townley Moore, Ronald Moran, Ashley Morris, Maria Nazos, Sheryl L. Nelms, Will Nixon, Diane O’Leary, Soham Patel, Steve Roberts, M. A. Schaffner, Jeff Simpson, Marc Stone, Bradley R. Strahan, Mario Susko, J. Tarwood, Richard Allen Taylor, Wendy Thornton, Natalie Tilghman, Ann Tsao, Helen Tzagoloff, Eric A. Weil, Kelley Jean White, George Young, Lisa Zimmerman, Neal Zirn.

Books Reviewed:

Beyond the Bones by Neil Carpathios, Shadow Ball by Charles Harper Webb, Strangers in the Land of Egypt by Stephen March, The Surface of Things by Phebe Davidson, Voyeur by Rich Murphy, Temper by Beth Bachmann, Mourning in the Presence of a Corpse by Norbert Hirschhorn.

Reviewed by:

Jessie Carty, Erica Goss, Charles Rammelkamp, Heather Collings Renfroe, Eric A. Weil.


Cover Art: Jez Coulson
Photo Feature: Jez Coulson
Images: M. Scott Douglass

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