The Main Street Rag, Winter 2022


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Featured Interview:

Craig Johnson, author & creator of LONGMIRE

Interviewed by M. Scott Douglass

Fiction by

Margaret Benbow, Paul Colby, Pablo Patiño, Rachel Mauro

Poetry by

Burt Beckman, John Blair, Joyce Compton Brown, R C deWinter, Mary Alice Dixon, Deborah H. Doolittle, Daniel Bourne, K.E. Duffin, Alfred Fournier, Valerie Gilbraeth, Lois Marie Harrod, Megan Gower, Gene Grabiner, Dennis Herrell, Zebulon Huset, Lowell Jaeger, Chuck Joy, Gordon Kippola, Justin Knight, George Looney, Michael Lyle, Tim Moder, G.H. Mosson, Janice O’Mahony, Jenny Owen, Brian Rihlmann, Timothy Robbins, Don Schofield, George J. Searles, Jacalyn Shelley, Shoshauna Shy, Richard Allen Taylor, Dawn Terpstra, Alexander Wolff, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Books Reviewed

In the Skin by Patricia Traxler, Wave if You Can See Me by Susan Ludvigson, Poems for the American Brother by Max Stephan, Boneyarn by David Mills, The Book of Jane by Jennifer Habel, The View Ever Changing by Karen Luke Jackson, Other Maidens by Toti O’Brien


Tim Bascom, Luanne Castle, Terresa Haskew, George Longenecker, Maria Rouphail, Richard Allen Taylor, Jennifer Weiss

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