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Since 1997


Main Street Rag Publishing Company has been publishing our print magazine, The Main Street Rag, uninterrupted since 1996. Among its features are poetry, short fiction, photography, essays, interviews, reviews, and commentary. Subscription information is available on the Submissions page and can be placed online at: Subscriptions. Current and back issue information–including who appears in each issue–can now be found at The MSR Online Bookstore on the back and current issues page. Our magazine is financed through subscriptions, direct sales and shelf sales. We receive no money in the form of grants or public funds. Reader support is important and necessary.

Main Street Rag Publishing Company publishes books under the following labels:

Main Street Rag (poetry)
Mint Hill Books (fiction)
Pure Heart Press (self-publishing)

All of our books are available through the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore where readers/buyers can search by genre, title, and author name. All sales from the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore are conveniently and securely processed by PayPal.

Those seeking book publication can find several pages on the informational side of our website, www.MainStreetRag.com, which describe what we publish, how we select it and when we are open for submissions.

Links to Submission Guidelines


The Main Street Rag Poetry Award is an annual full-length poetry book contest sponsored by Main Street Rag and one of the ways we select the poetry manuscripts we publish. Details are available on the Contest page.

Main Street Rag is more than just another small press. We are a bindery and publishing company. We can aid writers as well as other publishers with their projects from start to finish, set-up to shipping with most of the work being done inhouse. We own bindery equipment and specialize in producing short runs of perfect bound books and booklets from start to finish. On our Bindery Page, viewers will find a list of the services we offer as well as an abbreviated fee schedule. For quotes, please email us with the specifics (as outlined on the Bindery Page) or call 704-573-2516 (M-F, 8am-5pm EST).

We hope you enjoy your visit to Main Street Rag. Even more, we hope you like what you see enough to subscribe to our literary magazine or sample a copy of one of our many books. There is nothing like the smell and feel of paper pulp.


M. Scott Douglass
Publisher/Managing Editor
Main Street Rag


Main Street Rag, PO BOX 690100, Charlotte, NC 28227-7001

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