Gathering Seasons


poems by

Donald Cohen

Pure Heart Press

Poetry chapbook, 78 pages, $14 cover price

ISBN: 978-59948-419-8

Released: 2013

DCohen_Pix Donald Cohen was born in New York in 1951 where he spent his childhood. He graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Cohen went on to earn his M.S.W. at Columbia University and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, located in Berkeley, California. He returned to the East Coast to complete his fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University Medical Center, as well as to begin his private practice. The author has also created, produced, and hosted the weekly television and radio show, Kids are Talking. He is a licensed marital and family therapist, and has had various articles published over the years while conducting lectures and workshops on subjects related to children, particularly communication. He is the co-author of My Father, My Son, author of memory man, collected poems (vols. 1, 2, 3), and a children’s book, Milo, My Stray Cat. In addition, Cohen was the producer and lyricist for the rock band “the GIVE.” He is the co-creater of the self-titled acoustic CD, as well as “the GIVELive at Acoustic Café.” Both are available on iTunes. He is currently the co-producer and lyricist for Memoryman Music. He and his wife Dee have two children and reside in Connecticut.


Me myself, and I

Why lie

Gonna die

Born again

Not sure when

It all passes by

Not sure why

Could make me cry

‘Til the end

Don’t have to try

It’s around the bend

Just wait and see

Will find out what needs to be

Life’s passages

Turning pages

For the ages

Watch my baby girl go by

With a sigh I get high

Watching her fly

Me, myself, and I

Why lie

Gonna die

Born again

Not sure when

Wedded to the soul

Vow to be in the now

Outside, no longer makes me whole

Inside, I know where I need to go

Moving slow

Although, what was is over

Me, myself, and I

Gonna crossover

Born again

Wedding vow

No matter when

Train passes

Training done

Sweet embracing of the One


Surrender in silence

Victims of science

Sounds from the underground

Killed by IEDs

Vices of devastation devices

Roadside IOUs

Obliteration by remote control

Anonymous anomaly of enemy

Who can’t be seen

Innocent bystanders

Misunderstanders, under-educated,

Uninformed, blown up

Suicide-bombed all gone

In combat zone

Disowned by their very own

Lessons not learned

Dismissed in the abyss

War, often fought by the poor

Mourned off to Afghanistan

Lovers lost

Mothers and fathers not coming home

Identity remains unknown

Lost humanity

Complete insanity

Oh God

Silenced without a sword


Dear unborn grandson,

 I anticipate your birth and all that will unfold—first gaze, first taste, first sound, first smell, first touch, first moment—and I’m already feeling our first embrace. I ponder the possibilities: will you be a philosopher-dreamer, strong willed or free spirited, fan or a player, maybe all of the above? Soon people will celebrate “you,” and I, so happy to witness my blessing joining the world, will wonder what you sensed swimming down the birth canal—no longer trapped in the unknown, but emerging to know your namesake history, and what you alone will become.


Your future Poppy

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